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About WHH/Antakarana - Willis Harman House

Antakarana/WHH is an initiative of convergence and synthesis inspired by Willis Harman.

"Humanity are experiencing one of the most fundamental changes in history – the change of the actual structure of beliefs of the western society. No economic, political or military power can be compared to the power of change of minds. By changing deliberately conceptions of reality, people transform the world." Willis Harman (1918 – 1997).

Willis Harman was a cofounder of the World Business Academy (WBA), president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and honorary member of the Club of Budapest (COB). Master in Physics with Ph.D. in Electric Engineering, Willis Harman was widely recognized as one of our time's practical visionaries, deeply committed to working with global change, which is evidently part of our immediate future. He was an example of integration of spirituality and knowledge, a remarkable and multifaceted person. Besides being philosopher, scientist, visionary and futurist, he was most of all a never-ending source of inspiration. Willis Harman is author or co-author of books like New Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science (1994), Creative Work (1990), Global Mind Change (1988), Paths to Peace (1987) and others.

Antakarana/Willis Harman House is a place for encounter, reflection, information and inspiration for everyone who wants to contribute to the process of global transformation.

Antakarana/Willis Harman House carries out its purposes by:
- Projects and instruments for organizational and social learning, created by their members;
- Cultural and social programs for education Meetings and workshops for humanistic studies;
- National and international events;
- A wide range of published books and texts that support the principles, purposes and values of the WHH.

Contributing to the process of conscience expansion for the creation of a new society.

Willis Harman House is an initiative of business executives, consultants, researchers, scientists, medical doctors, therapists, educators, artists and humanists. Together, they promote activities and projects that contribute to the local development of several national and international initiatives, thus coordinating and supporting the realization of programs and offering infra-structural support for activities.

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